Day 1

It is Sunday August 19th 2012.  This is my first blog entry writing about my goal to run from Bali to Jakarta.  The run will cover a distance of aver 1200 km and I hope to complete the journey in 22 days.

I plan to complete the run in June of  2014.  In 22 months from now I hope to be pushing my body in  a run like I have never pushed before.  I hope to achieve something that very few humans get to achieve and I hope to inspire others to set and reach their own goals.

I competed in an ultra marathon in 2007, the inaugural Sundown Ultra Marathon, 100km race in Singapore.  After that run I thought about the Bali run but never acted on it. I never shared  that dream with anyone or did anything to  put the dream into motion. Then in 2011 Scott Thompson, a  Scottish friend of mine, completed the Bali to Jakarta run in 25 days.  I was inspired by his achievements and he has motivated me to see if I can do it too.

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